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Presentation of your final build

Lisa reminded me that I need to discuss with you your final presentation of your build and I will be happy to answer questions in class this afternoon.  In the meantime I hope you find these notes helpful.

You will notice that in the assessment information document we were not prescriptive of what form this presentation could take, partly because we weren’t sure what would be suitable for the different builds that we might get! Now that I know the kind of things you are all doing, I would suggest one of the following:

  • a powerpoint presentation which can be played by anyone who wishes to see your work – this could be loaded to your blog and accessed by a link from there, or could be loaded up to a site like Slideshare, or it could be done as a google presentation (create new/presentation from your google docs account) and linked to from within your google doc.
  • a post (or better still a page) in your blog which provides a clear demonstration of the build in its final form.

Remember this is a presentation of your finished build so it needs to contain good photos of all its features together with explanation of how you intend it to be used, including the different aspects of object-to-object interaction and avatar-to-object interaction.

If you have had other thoughts on how you might meet this aspect of your assessment then feel free to discuss it with me.  The most important consideration is that you must be able to showcase  what you have built to an audience outside of the classroom and outside of Second Life.


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