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Follow up to the Script Exercise

To those who fully engaged in the “think about the script design” exercise last Tuesday thank you for taking on the task and making the effort to post your thoughts on the events and functions that would have been required for the interactions.

To those who did take on the exercise but neglected to post their thoughts I would suggest that you may learn more from the classes by fully engaging in the exercises.  Analysing what you see and experience is a large part of your assessed work in this class and the more practice you get at it the better you will become at setting out your findings.

To those who spent the time seeing how high they could fly or fooling around during the discussion session, I can only wonder why you come to the class at all.  If you have no interest in learning I would request that you at least respect the desires of those that do have that interest, and engage in your “play” somewhere else.  Unfortunately for the engaged students, it will be this group that more than likely does not bother to read this post.



August 26, 2010 - Posted by | General, Scripting


  1. Hello isa,
    When we started this online tuition i was asking you for a copy of the complete unedited chat. I would like to get this please can you tell me where this would be saved.
    Also I would appreciate you emailing me some handouts of your class instructions just to see if it is any easier to follow which hopefully will enable me to practice some of this stuff.
    I hope you can help here.

    Comment by aliisquercus | August 28, 2010 | Reply

    • Aliis

      Arwenna/Clare will be able to direct you to where chat is saved if you have this feature turned on. As to the class instructions for classes, where there were a set of preformatted instruction delivered you will have downloaded these to your Inventory as directed to at the start or end of each class, so simply open these notecards in Second Life and copy and paste the content to an external document for printing or reading through offworld. As to practicing I can only suggest once again that you use the resources given out throughout the course, i.e. the Ivory Tower of Primitives for building and the College of Scripting and Music and the Linden Lab LSL (Linden Scripting Language) Portal for scripting. Practice does necessitate that you actually come in and spend some time inworld and I do see that you do this occassionally but I would suggest that using the two inworld LMs provided will be time better spent rather than struggling on your own.


      Comment by aarongriffiths | August 30, 2010 | Reply

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