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Using the Texture Boards on Kowhai

So that you all have a good range of textures available for your building projects I have placed a number of Texture Boards on the group parcel on Kowhai.  These textures have been gathered and put together into the boards by myself and a good friend of mine and made available as full permission textures for your use.  A Texture Board is a tool freely available in Second Life to help you organise and view your textures and is much more user friendly than trying to find a specific texture in your Inventory.  How to use the Texture Boards is set out below.  Note: If you click on the images on this page that show the whole Texture Board a larger version of the image will show on a new page.  Click on the Back button on your browser to return to this page.

When first rezzed a Texture board displays as shown below.

A Rezzed Texture Board

The Board contains the texture preview section to its left, a larger screen to the right to display the selected texture, and the catagories, tiling and previous and next buttons at the bottom right.  To select a specific category, in this case Metals, Glitter etc, click on the button.  It will highlight as shown below.

Button Display

The Board will then display thumbnail previews of textures in that specific category as shown below.

Category Thumbnails Displayed

The button display also contains a Previous and Next button.  Clicking on these will cycle back and forwards through the thumbnails of a particular category.

Previous and Next Buttons

To display a larger view of any particular texture click on its thumbnail image.  It will show as highlighted with the texture name overlaid, and a larger version of the texture will display on the selection board to the right.

Thumbnail Selected

Some textures are tileable, i.e. when the texture has more than one repeat on a prim face the texture repeats without obvious breaks, as all edges of the textures are designed to flow perfectly into their opposing edges.  Note that some textures will be designed to only tile vertically or horizontally depending on what their end use is.  For example a texture for a wall may only tile horizontally as the texture may have been created to have a specific top and bottom and only tile well along the wall.  To view how well a texture tiles click on the Tile button and the texture will display as shown below, with the full texture in the centre of the selection screen so that all edges will display their tiling quality.  To turn off tiling click on the Tile button again.

Viewing the Texture Tiled - This One is Considered Tileable

A Non-Tileable Texture

To obtain a displayed texture hold your cursor over the larger image.  The cursor will display as a hand as shown below.

Hand Cursor Displayed

Click on the large texture and the following dialog box will display.  Click on Keep to take the texture into your Inventory.  The texture will now be available in your Inventory for use in your building projects.

Texture Dialog Box


August 19, 2010 - Posted by | Building and Texturing

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