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Week 4 – Textures 101

Due to illness Clare/Arwenna will not be leading the tour this week.  Instead I will be taking you all on a tour of a few of, what I consider to be, superior builds within Second Life.  Here you will see the possibility of user-generated content taken to its ultimate in some beautifully constructed structures, terrain and outdoor environments.  The first sim we will be visiting is Omega Point, a combination of cyberpunk and fantasy with a hint of Gothic thrown in.  Rich textures adorn amazing sky structures, teleports enabling you to travel swiftly between buildings.  A myriad of bridges crisscross the build leading you to different rooms, each portraying a different aspect of the creators dream.  A place to truely see how great texturing and scale really lend authenticity to even the most fantastical of builds.

Omega Point

Omega Point - Click to Enlarge

The second build we will visit is Taure Ru, a roleplaying medieval/fantasy sim.  This is part of a group of sims that have active roleplay in the normal gaming tradition, Taure Ru being the centre of the Shadowlands.  An image of part of this build is displayed in a previous post.  Here you can experience what great terrain modelling can lend to a build, with subterranean caverns hiding all sorts of gems, underground rooms and a temple beautifully crafted to add authenticity to the roleplay.  Though from above the sim looks mainly crafted as a mysterious landscape, hidden doors and passages lead you underground to some of the real wonders of this build.  Again the attention to detail, the beautiful textures, and the interaction of the environment with the user make this a sim well worth taking note of.

If we do manage to get through both these builds in the allotted time, and I am not sure we will get past these they have so many factors to look at, take in and explore, then there will be a couple more on the notecard of Landmarks that will be supplied at the beginning of the tour.

In the last half of the day I will be taking the Tuesday group through basic texturing, explaining some of the ins and outs of the Build window/Texture tab options, letting you experiment a lot with what you see there, and finally guiding you through the texturing of your own sparkle lamp.  I’m looking forward to the day and I hope you are too.  Be prepared to get your socks blown off by these builds *smiles.

As a small aside note in response to Vincent’s query, and after talking to Clare, it is still a little early to be considering your project groups.  A few more sessions before that needs to happen.



August 9, 2010 - Posted by | Building and Texturing

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