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Building 101

First building week over, and though I know for some of you it was too big a jump off the deep end, do keep the faith *smiles.  Remember that your projects can be done in groups if you decide to.  Building will only ever come with practice, practice, practice and some will be good at it, some won’t.  Yet good modellers don’t necessarily make good texturers or scripters, or good planners and designers, or good presenters.  Each of you will have strengths and weakness.

If you do choose a collaborative project use the opportunity also to look at how that works, the dynamics of working virtually.  Try to create yourselves as a “real” virtual team and experience working this way.  Obviously don’t ignore each other in the classroom, but do attempt to immerse yourselves and have the virtual experience.

Remember to friend me when inworld so you can see me online.  Then you will know I am there if you are in, and have a question to ask.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I would like to be able to show those who are interested some of what I consider to be amazing builds, so you can really experience the creativeness of some of the people who inhabit this world.  An example is shown below.  This will not be in class time, but in your own time, which for me will mean lunch time if thats the only time you can, the late evening (say after 9pm) which would be my preference, or the weekend.  I do not mind doing a tour for a small number, say a minumum of five, if that is all who want to go.  Comment here if you are interested.  If enough want to then we can arrange them.

Medieval Roleplay Sim

Medieval Roleplay Sim

And people… lets see you blogging *smiles.  I do look at them frequently and respond to your posts.  Do remember to look yourselves for comments as many I have left you are yet to be moderated by you and made public.  Attempting to set your blog so that you are notified when comments have been made and are awaiting moderation will help you keep up to date with them.



August 5, 2010 - Posted by | Building and Texturing


  1. Hi, Isa. Could you tell me what’s the tour time? If it’s at the weekend, I would love to join your trip.

    Moreover, is it time to find our group member for the last assignment at the moment? How many member are suitable for each team?


    Comment by Vincent geek | August 5, 2010 | Reply

    • Vincent

      I will fix it for whatever time will best suit the majority who want to come along. Weekends will be fine by me if thats what will suit best. Once I know how many are interested then we can decide when will be the best time for all. If you want to do one this weekend I am up for it but it would be good to have a few of you along as the sim owners at times will need to reset sim permissions etc and I don’t want to put them out just for one person to visit.

      Re the group projects I think the sooner you have your team together the quicker you can start putting together your ideas for your final project. And in terms of the numbers I think 3 would be a good number per group. Could you please check with Clare on this just to make sure.


      Comment by aarongriffiths | August 5, 2010 | Reply

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