Immersive 3D Environments

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Art and Music in Second Life

There are many aspects of art represented in Second Life, including

  • public galleries
  • collaborative spaces and groups
  • exhibitions
  • poetry and creative writing groups
  • private galleries
  • sculpture parks
  • machinima/film making
  • dance

Many established artists and art institutions are looking for new ways of exploiting this new medium and looking for new ways of being creative.  Much of the art and many of the art installations are ephemeral – sometimes deliberately, sometimes not!   Fortunately much of the work is preserved as machinima and a simple search on Youtube will find you lots of examples to enjoy.

One of the most acclaimed is by Robbie Dingo (aka Rob Wright)  who created a machinima of his building of a 3D version of a well known traditional art work.  He blogs about it here and you can also watch the video in high resolution from his blog or find a much lower quality version of it here. He also uses SL as a film-making medium for more traditional storytelling – Better Life is one.

Check out the Second Life Destinations Guide for heaps more interesting places.

Second Life is also widely used as a venue for live music performances.   Full orchestras have played there, as well as well- known musicians like U2 and Suzanne Vega.
There are a large number of live music venues and it is proving to be an interesting outlet for indie musicians who may never have performed in ‘real’ life or who have only started performing in a real space after first appearing in Second Life.  Frogg and Jaycatt are a duo from Eugene, Oregon, who had not played together before but are now well-established and respected musicians in SL.  See them again, and in both realities.  A number of artists have played with mixing realities and the results are fascinating!
There are also a number of internet radio stations specifically designed for Second Life, some  spoofs 🙂 and some collaborative  music videos made entirely in Second Life by geographical remote collaborators (and here).
You can use the Events tab of the Search function in Second Life to find live music performances – try and catch one that interests you.  You can also find some interesting music places in the Destination Guide again – here.
Good luck in your exploration of these new spaces.  I would like you each to write about one that you have visited on your blog.  You should provide a SLurl to the place, a brief description of why you visited it, what you found there and your impressions of it.  It would also be useful to observe who it would prove interesting to, what kind of community group, if any, has been built around the site, and whether you would visit again or not – giving reasons of course 🙂  If you can add a photo or two that would be excellent!  You might also like to give the SLurls of any other interesting places you find and don’t forget that you can add your favourite ones to your picks on your profile.


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