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Week 3 Arrangements and Reminders

First of all, please take note of Aaron’s previous posting about your blogs.  As he says, your blogs will become an important part of your work this semester and as I explained in our first class, they will be an essential part of your final assessment.  It might be a very good idea to go back and have a read of the instructions for the assessment which are in the Course Outline on NMIT Online.

There are still 8 people who have not shared their blog address with me and so I am not able to add them to our list here.  Please make sure that you put the address in your google document.  If you are having problems setting up your blog then please let me know.  While we are on the topic, there are still two people who haven’t shared a google doc with me too – you know who you are 🙂 Get on to it please!

Arrangements for this week are as follows:

Tuesday 3-5 in A217, Clare will be taking this session on Art and Music in Second Life.  I will spend a short while talking about them and then we will go on some visits! I will expect you to write up the details of one of the places we visit on your blog and will suggest some structure and questions you might like to consider in your post.

Tuesday 5-6 in Second Life, Aaron will be taking the first introductory building class (which will be repeated on Thursday).  Those of you attending this session need to be in Second Life, on the SA+M land that you have set to home, at 5 ready to go.  Aaron has a lot to cover and will not be waiting for stragglers!  If you have headphones or earbuds please bring them (or use them) as Aaron will be using voice for this class as well as providing basic instructions in text.  Clare will be in the lab initially to make sure everyone is ok.

Thursday 4-6 in Second Life, Aaron will be repeating the first hour of the building class from Tuesday and also providing his assistance to you as you try out some of the techniques he has been teaching.  Once again please be ready for the use of voice (you don’t need to speak, but you need to hear him if at all possible) and be ready to go at 4.  Clare will be in the lab initially to make sure everyone is ok.

Please note that the sessions with Aaron are not optional, they are a required part of the course.  While building in SL is only part of the final assessment, wWithout the skills that Aaron will teach you, you will not be able to successfully complete the course.


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