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A small reminder for you all to get your blogs underway.  And not just to create them but to actively post in them.  Blogs, though new to many of you, are becoming an important educational tool for reflecting on your work in the classroom, and in this particular course will form an essential part of the assessment process.

So get blogging, talk through your experiences inworld, share your discoveries (especially freebies *smiles), ask questions and reflect on your learning.  I will be checking them regularly so that I can answer any queries that come up and help guide you where you may be getting stuck.  Look at others’ blogs as well.  This is a shared journey and given the enormity that Second Life is (over 30,000 sims or islands the size of Kowhai) you will learn much from the other class members’ experiences.  Links to your class’s blogs can be found under the heading 2010 Your Blogs to the right of this pane.  Set yourself the task of creating at least one post per class session; mark it in your email calendar if you need to remind yourself, or on a sticky note on your home computer.

One of the things that will be great to share are sims or builds that excite you or leave you in some way inspired.  Links to these can be shared in your blogs by creating a SLurl, which is basically an offworld link to an inworld destination.  SLurls can be created by opening the World Map (top menu World/World Map OR Ctrl M) then clicking on the Copy SLurl button.  This will copy the SLurl to your clipboard and from there you can paste it into your blog post.  When a SLurl is clicked it will open a Linden Lab web page which will show you the World Map with the destination marked out for you.  Click on the “Visit this location” button (you must be logged in to SL of course) and you will be presented with a Teleport inworld to the destination.  Try out the one for The Ivory Tower of Primitives in the “Towards Week 3” post, so you can see how it works.



July 31, 2010 - Posted by | General

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