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Week 2 main tasks

The main tasks for this week are as follows:

1. Class List – I need to finalise the class list 🙂

2. Finalise course timetable – We need to finalise the course timetable.  We will be running Tuesday 3-5 (Clare mostly) and Thursday 4-6 (Aaron mostly).  For those of you who can’t make Thursday there will be an additional session on Tuesday (5-6) – I need a list of people who intend to come to that session.

3. Complete your google document. It must have a minimum of your real name, SL name, email address and Student id.

4. Access Second Life. Once in SL you need to collect the Orientation Challenge #1 from the SA+M land parcel (use this SLurl to get there) then find your way to Koru and complete the challenge.  Feel free to ask other students or Aaron or I for help with this.  Aaron will be there to meet you in Second Life.

5. On Thursday we will confirm that your blog is set up, access Second Life and do Orientation Challenge #2

For those students staying for Tuesday 5-6, I can help you with setting up your blog and/or doing more in Second Life – the choice is yours.

An important starting point for getting going in SL will be adding both Arwenna Stardust and Isa Goodman as a friend and joining the SA+M group in SL.  Once you have got to Koru these should be the first things you do.


July 27, 2010 - Posted by | General

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