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Arrangements for Week 2

I have tried to work through a number of solutions to the timetabling issue and have (with Aaron’s help) found a solution that we hope will accommodate everyone’s needs.  Please follow this link to the NMIT Online site and read the document titled – New Course Timetable.  If you want to have any further discussion about the timetable and how it will work for you, I would be grateful if you could contact me directly before Tuesday’s class, as I would like to be able to get on with other things quickly.

Could I remind you all to have two things ready for this week:

  • Have your google doc set up according to the instructions on the NMIT Online site (we  can’t add you to the Second Life group until we see your real and Second Life names in your google document.)
  • Have your Second Life account created – I will be hoping to have you all logged in to Second Life and beginning orientation by the end of Tuesday!

The other thing which we didn’t get around to doing last week was to set up your blog which if you have read the course outline you will know is going to be an important part of this course.  Again the instructions for doing this are on NMIT Online if you want to make a start but if not I will help you with this in class.

Looking forward to seeing you all again.


July 22, 2010 - Posted by | General

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